Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022 By Robert Fox


Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022


Robert Fox

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There can be no doubt that over the years electronic musician Robert Fox has produced a vast realm of amazing musical compositions, he has inspired many new artists along the way, and brought a sense of fulfilment and peace to his many listeners across the globe as well, so we celebrate these years by taking a look back over the times between 2005 and 2022, and at some of the very best of Robert Fox.

There are no less than 16 quite breath taking opuses on this collection by Fox, and I surmise many favourites among you all to enjoy once again, especially as each arrangement has been remastered and given that magical touch of 2022 to its textures, like the expressive opener Earth, a track with such an epic feel to its vibrations, or the mighty global ethics of songs like Desert Song, whilst memories will flood back for many, me among them, hearing once again movie styled diamonds like Dirty Old Train, one of my personal favourites of all time.

Robert Fox reflects on times past with a slightly darker shade too, pieces like Resurrection and Reflection offer us a more moody side to his creational talents, and brings us a deeper understanding of his skill set as an electronic musician, here is a whirlpool of mystery and imagination for your very souls to enjoy.

The gentle onward progression of this next song for me is a classic and the penultimate track off this latest album of many reflections and entitled Another Time Another Place, where slight hints of Jean Michel Jarre can perhaps be felt.

While we can finally rest with the concluding arrangement entitled Persian Sunset, this for me is a prime example of a wondrous and vast vista of music, and for me points easily in the direction of his well-earned moniker, Master Of The Grand Soundscapes, never a truer word said with regard to Robert Fox and his work.

Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022 by Robert Fox is a timely reminder of the talents and skill sets of a major electronic artist, and the grand artistic galleries of tone and timbre he has brought into this world over the last 17 years. Timeless Vol 2, Best of Robert Fox 2005-2022 by Robert Fox is an album that any self-respecting electronic music fan and listener must surely make part of their collections at all costs; this is without doubt an astonishing collection of great music by a phenomenon in the business.

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