Saturday, July 9, 2022

Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma By Sarves Thiru


Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma


Sarves Thiru

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Born in Malaysia but now based in London, Sarves Thiru has released her sparkling new debut single entitled Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma, this devotional composition has a vibrant awareness to its construction, and also a rich multi-instrumental nature, including and among the expected, a colourful sax, one that lays down such a beautiful tapestry of tone.

The harmonic convergence of this incredibly happy and positive manifestation is wonderful to feel, a delight to hear, and raises the rhythms and spirits of the listener to new heights. We should have more music in the world of this style as Sarves Thiru's rich arrangement of freshness and creative patterns, brings a cadence and a smile to each and every listeners day.

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