Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Breath of Forever By George Pendred


The Breath of Forever


George Pendred

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a new talent on the flute that’s recently ridden into town for us here, his name is George Pendred and lately we have been entranced by his last two singles Forest Spirts and The Sea, both of which appear of this splendid album entitled The Breath of Forever. This treat is a wonderfully produced album of great quality; one that I am sure instrumental fans the world over will love.

The album consists of 11 classy tracks and starts with the first single we received Forest Spirits, a stunningly picturesque opener, one that leads perfectly into the arms of the following piece entitled The Sky, a fascinating creation, with a little keyboards built into the weave, and a slight electronic vibe that manifests an extra depth within the offering.

One of my personal favourites is the light hearted and positive refrains of the composition Travelling, the chords here mix craft-fully with a light reflective energy, whilst the flute remains the chief narrator in its overall build and progression.

The production quality on this album is sublime, examples of that textured brilliance can be found on pieces like Jazz-ish Improvisation, a truly clever offering, with a delightful bass line and keyboards, and the effervescent essences of the penultimate creation on the album called Flight.

The conclusion is brought to us by the last gift on the album called Flute Love, a gentle piece that hovers around the heart, and smiles a smile of peace and contentment; this is a beautiful offering with which to end a sublime album with.

The Breath of Forever by George Pendred is a sparkling new and exciting breath of fresh air in the flute based genre. Pendred brings the colour and textures beautifully, and gives us an upbeat and vibrant new collection of great songs.

From time to time we all need something new flourishing and fine in our lives, and The Breath of Forever by George Pendred is most certainly that, perhaps even a beacon of light and hope in the vast realm of the instrumental music genres. 

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