Thursday, July 28, 2022

(In the Silence of) Living Free By Leah Tamar Benson


(In the Silence of) Living Free


Leah Tamar Benson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


While some play piano, Leah Tamar Benson plays with colour, she lays blankets of textured tones, and highlights any emotive moment with sublime care and attention to detail, all of this and more can be found on her latest single (In the Silence of) Living Free, and may I also add what a wondrous gift it was to receive a solo piano piece that was well over 5 minutes long.

Leah Tamar Benson pulls off a truly magnificent performance on this stand out piece, her use of playing with an intense narrative and then switching to a softer presentation was one of the finest artistic interpretations I have heard on the piano for a long while indeed, and as such I can see no reason why (In the Silence of) Living Free shouldn’t be a huge chart hit for the artist.

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