Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Wondering By Stephen Wallack




Stephen Wallack

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s always good to see a brand new album from pianist Stephen Wallack, you just know the content is going to be fulfilling, and the narrative one of great depth and texture, and this new endeavour by Wallack does not disappoint as we walk through the hallowed halls of what we will now know as Wondering by the artist.

To be stunned by the first track off any album is a rarity, but here on this new release we can listen to, in my view, the best composition that Wallack has ever created called Beyond, here is a piece that has depth, power and intensity, and a minor moody construct that simply delights me in the same way as it did back in the day with artists like Elton John.

After that breath taking beginning we float into the arms of Castles, a track that is as easy as a Sunday morning, but also that wonderful reflective vibration, one that seems to gently guide us through portals to the past as it plays.

Wondering by Stephen Wallack is a 10 track release that gifts you all you will ever need in the solo piano genre, the artists inventiveness here, and his artistic prowess is incredible, listen to pieces like Sorry, a mournful repose that is bathed in a truth that cannot be denied, but one fading into the mist of yesterday, or perhaps Games, another mysterious opus that leaves you with a level of expectation and intrigue, there is also the lightness of the penultimate piece off the album entitled Wolves, where Wallack draws a musical narrative that has us literally running through the forests in winter.

This glourious new album ends with the track Goodbye, which in my view could easily be a single; with this piece, the aforementioned Elton John comment seems even more relevant now, a fluent chorus line, an addictive hook, it’s all there, and would make a sublime song, and I am sure a huge hit.

Wondering by Stephen Wallack I am pleased to say, is by far the best work ever by the artist, once again he has taken to his trusty piano and has drawn, into one amazing compilation, easily his best and most reflective album thus far, there is much to enjoy on this brand new collection, and one that I would dare to say is possibly even award worthy as well, this is a must have album for all solo piano enthusiasts.

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