Monday, October 3, 2022

Aphrodite By Leon





Written by

Steve Sheppard


As one grows we can find many things that influence our works of art, the music we hear, the places we travel to, and those pleasing minor and major chords and notes we hear on a song, ones which will stick with us for a whole lift time, as it defines who we are and what moves us.

The artist on this new single Aphrodite, is Leon, and at the time of writing this just 16 years old, the level of maturity and sensitivity on this arrangement is way beyond his years, but this is what gives him an edge, if you can touch levels of tenderness and tranquillity at this young age, the potential to become a sheer genius later in life, is certainly on the cards, simply put, technical skills can be learned, but emotional sensitivity has to be experienced.

The composition itself is layered perfectly with a subtle yet onward keyboard repeating motif, whilst the percussion behind the piece is as gentle as the overall energy of the track, and the subject of Aphrodite close to my heart, as I live on the island from where she was born, rising from the waves of the ocean.

Leon has produced a superb debut single, one he should be proud of, and a solid foundation of musical stone has been set in the foundations of a potently huge career ahead.

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