Friday, October 21, 2022

Laying in the Sand By Mythic Beats


Laying in the Sand


Mythic Beats

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is calmness of spirit within this new single Laying in the Sand by Mythic Beats, and a combination of keyboards and guitar that we have grown used to from artist combinations like Kevin Kendle and Ian Cameron Smith, one that gives us such a laid back vibe, a relaxed easy like Sunday morning feeling that drifts across your mind, and leaves a mood of total peace and tranquillity upon our day.

That aforementioned statement cannot be a bad thing at all, and the artist here has managed something of a bliss filled moment of ambient genius within this most attractive track, this is one of those compositions that could carry on for half an hour or more and you would still get lost within its serenity and fall in love with the moment you are currently in, this is a must have for all fans of the chilled ambient genres, and new age music followers alike.

Why not check out the music here: 

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