Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Liquid Mind XIV: Simplicity By Liquid Mind


Liquid Mind XIV: Simplicity


Liquid Mind

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The works of Chuck Wild, known for decades as Liquid Mind, were probably one of the few New Age artists I was originally introduced to when I first started showing interest in this genre of music, since then, and till now, I have been a fan of this all-time legend of the industry, it’s a given fact that when a Liquid Mind album is on offer, you just know it is going to be blissfully brilliant, and this latest release Liquid Mind XIV: Simplicity, follows that narrative of sublime calm perfectly.

From the very first track Transcendence, we are gifted an uplifting yet tranquil musical voyage, one so beautifully paced, played and produced; it would be very easy to just float off into an ocean of serenity to. The album itself is a colourful and pleasurable 7 tracks of new age genius, as drifting harmonious keyboards guide us by the hand, through sensitive pieces like Simplicity, one that raises the emotional energies so carefully.

Simply put there are seven places of musical sanctuary within this album, all of them equally comforting and tender in tone, tracks like In The Moment, a place I strive to stay within each passing day; it’s soothing vibrancy make that reality much more real for me.

You simply cannot go wrong with this new release by Liquid Mind, there truly is something for everyone on this album, and it was the concluding offering that took me to another level completely, and called A Gentle Rain In My Soul. This is how to bring to a close a sublime moment of musical magic, by producing a track with such a gentle narrative; the soft rain sounds, I may add, were some of the best I have heard on a recording, they set the scene so beautifully, and from then on, it’s just up to you to simply let go and enjoy a sojourn into a realm of peace and serenity, one that you may have never touched before.

Liquid Mind XIV: Simplicity by Liquid Mind is a wonderful album, it will slow the listener down, allow any healing to take place, and throughout the entire duration of the album, bathe the listener in a lake of peace and tranquillity perhaps never felt before. Liquid Mind XIV: Simplicity by Liquid Mind has to be one of the best New Age music releases of the year, as Liquid Mind, does it yet again, by producing exactly what is needed in this most confusing and chaotic of times, by gifting us a musical sanctuary of the soul.

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