Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sonic Light By Jacquelyn G. Kleine


Sonic Light


Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is always a delight to listen to a beautifully produced ambient music album; this genre is a great peace maker, one that manifests oceans of calm to get lost within, and on Sonic Light by Jacquelyn G. Kleine the artist has created a veritable sanctuary of tranquillity to willingly drift with.

The very opening track gives us a great hope of peace and serenity and is a wonderful tapestry of what is to come, the title track for me is always special, and as such Sonic Light is a weave of wonderful electronic ambience, and a manifestation of smoothness and fluency.

There are seven exciting tracks on this album, and on Liquid Sound we can hear the stylish and natural flute presentation, one that floats through the forest as if on a mid-summers night’s dream, while pieces like Elderspeak have an ancient vibrancy about its construction, one with a pulsating electronic rhythm that plays throughout the eons of time.

Lemuria: Symphony of the Dolphins was one of my favourite pieces, its new age roots were firmly established in this piece, and it greatly reminded me of when Kevin Kendle joined Llewellyn to give us Journey To Atlantis, that vast roaming quality of ambience was there within this track, one that will give you a desire to seek further and to search the mystical pathways of an alternate reality, on a track that is utterly majestic in its cinematic like qualities.

Gentleness of tone and timbre can be found on Tranquility, an offering that is wonderfully meditative, and the penultimate offering Breath Of Water brings a depth of energy to the proceedings like none other, the natural sounds of the sea were perfect, which is not an easy thing to do, I have just released a single myself with the same sound and getting the balance right is vital here. It must be said that this piece alone is one of those that is utterly addictive, so much so, that you never truly want to leave its sandy beaches.

The last composition offered here on the album is entitled Synthia, an arrangement filled with a symbiotic partnership of a repeating electronic vibe and a sparkling flute, one that created for me the perfect ending offering, and a great way to conclude the album.

Sonic Light by Jacquelyn G. Kleine has to one of the best New Age albums I have had the pleasure to review this year, each and every track has a blissful, rich and smooth production quality, and within this colourful pastiche of tone lays a sonic delight of many textures and tastes, each composition is a narrative unto their own, and as such this release should be a huge hit for fans who love their music to take them somewhere they will never wish to leave.

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