Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Kindling Flame By Ask Askr

Kindling Flame


Ask Askr

Written by

Steve Sheppard


In this new and exciting world of music and music production, there is always the opportunity to try something new and ground breaking, to a certain extent Ask Askr have achieved that with this brand new single Kindling Flames. The skill set required to successfully cross borders and genres is not an easy one to navigate, but on Kindling Flames, Ask Askr have pulled of an intelligent musical coo.

The tranquil tempo is created with a steady onward keyboard, and then with a creative stroke, guitars are added to a delightful mix that could fit with ease into several genres, Chill Out, Rock, even New Age, but most certainly Contemporary Instrumental. The balanced mood and crafted guitars on this debut single are perhaps even part of a new movement, perhaps we see the rise here of what could be described as Ambient Rock!

Whatever the outcome, Ask Askr have most certainly created something addictive, cogent and classy on Kindling Flames, and I have a strong feeling that this is just the start of a sparkling new future for the band.


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