Monday, August 15, 2022

ConTempoRary Violin By An Vedi


ConTempoRary Violin


An Vedi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are those performers who have a wonderful technical ability, those who play instinctually and those who play so beautifully from the heart, and then there are those like An Vedi who encompass all of the above, and embrace the talent of being a story teller of great skill.

On ConTempoRary Violin you have a 17 track release that is cleverly created and crafted, the first 8 pieces are from the master Johann Sebastian Bach, all of the parts are from the whole Partita No. 1 BWV 1002, and one of the longest that Bach created for Violin. Vedi and her amazing skill set start the journey with a transfixing presentation of Bach – Allemanda and into Bach - Allemanda Double, never has ten minutes been better spent listening to those two tracks, the imploring and emotive narrative is completely compelling, Vedi would also present to her audience renditions of Bach Tempo di Borea and Bach Tempo di Borea Double, two stunning performances that literally danced before and within me, the mirrors to the musical soul so to speak.

An Vedi and her violin are a symbiotic partnership of sublime talent; as we approach the more modern styles within the album, we touch on the shoulders of composers such as András Derecskei, Jan Tamzejian, Jay Reise, Colette Mourey and of course the artist herself. The presentation of Andrās Derecskei’s Amorf reminded me of my time with the music of Olivier Messiaen, while Vedi’s gift of Jan Tamzejians – Heyran (Imaginary Kurdish Love Song), was very redolent of the folk music that can be heard floating through the mountains of my home here in Cyprus.

One of my personal favourites from the album would be the following piece, as An Vedi produces Jay Reise - Starless Nocturne with such an emotional hand on the bow, with elements of an ambience manifested in a minimalistic environment, she had me from the very first note played in a quite breath taking performance indeed.

Vedi also gifts us a textured universal overview of existence with the classy presentation of Colette Mourey’s - World's Theorem Mov.1 through to 4, a fascinating sequence and collection of tracks that I would find so very easy to get lost within, and then to conclude this amazing manifestation of classical class.

Vedi finishes with a piece that has such colour and mood, with eastern European flavours, and a performance that will make you cry from the sheer passion and emotional power of the presentation, it is Fantasy on Tokaver's Cranes.

ConTempoRary Violin by An Vedi is an absolute must for those who adore the tones of a violin and wish to be taken on a musical journey that they will never want to return from. Here is a musician, who has created a symbiotic relationship with her instrument of choice, and Vedi’s Violin gentle weeps tears of sublime professional beauty with each passing measure, simply put, classical violin doesn’t get any better than this.

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