Thursday, January 13, 2022

Wrapped In Light By Jill Haley


Wrapped In Light


Jill Haley

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the things I like most about the work of Jill Haley is her descriptive ability, her skill set of drawing vast soundscapes to music and taking the listener right there to that very spot to enjoy the experience, however this will be a unique sojourn, as for the first time ever her album is not based on a National Park, Wrapped In Light is a journey of personal belief and mixed with the wondrous elements of this home we all call Earth.

The album is a 10 track slice of wonderment to revel within; you will never be disappointed by a Jill Haley album, there are no give away tracks, each and every one has love, intent and honesty poured into them, fine examples of this are the opening two pieces of the album in the title track Wrapped In Light and Clouds Rise, the latter a blissful reverie of Piano, Guitar and Haley’s brass instrumentation, and in my opinion this piece is one, if not the best single arrangement I have ever heard from the artist.

Here we have an album of outstanding natural beauty, vast scenes will open up before you, glorious performances will fall upon your senses like an early summer rain, gigantic opuses of brilliance like The Mountains Rise, or the symphonic gestures and moods of one of the most emotive pieces entitled Wings of Dawn, and the majestic sublime nature of compositions like the powerful and deeply moving arrangement of Flourishing Grass.

Jill Haley has pulled out all the stops with this release, and concludes the album with a beautiful last offering entitled Pools of Water, a more gentle and soothing way with which to leave an album you will not find.

In my view I rate this to be the best work thus far from the artist; Wrapped In Light by Jill Haley has that one magical element that really floats my boat, and that is a heavy dose of musical soul. Haley has literally poured it across each and every composition, and in doing so created the best album ever, one filled with a calmness that is so blissful, a respect of our world so poignant, and a love for her art so crafted. If this doesn’t win an award I will be stunned. 

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