Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Rising Sun By Anaya Music


Rising Sun


Anaya Music

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have known of the work of Anaya Music now for some 6 years now, she came into my field of musical vision back in 2016 with the album Eternity, and ever since then she has brought to my world albums of deep fascination and wonderment, her classical crossover contemporary instrumentals seem to have been a constant source of inspiration and appreciation, and here on this release entitled Rising Sun, she gifts the listener 12 picture perfect opportunities to enjoy the soothing refrains of her creations once more.

One of my favourite pieces started the collection, Openess to Love takes me back to the early stages of this century, with a wonderful reflective nod to classic new age music of the day with this calming piano and flute combination, whilst offerings like Morning Star have all the gentleness and flow of a summer evening in June, with the perfect manifestation of symphonic keyboards that created for me a moment of idyllic beauty.

On this album, tender moments and reveries can be found in a plentiful reservoir of tone and sensitivity, pieces like the tranquil Moonlight, or the almost lullaby vibrations of All Over, all can ease the mind and will bring great peace and contentment.

This is an album of complete serenity and one of special moments, I call the penultimate song Happy Hour in that category, a composition to remember of a magical time once had, and then the artist concludes this breathtakingly beautiful album off with the final arrangement, and that of course is the title track Rising Sun, a simply delightful opus with which to finish, and a song that brings not only great warmth to one’s musical heart, but a contented smile also.

Rising Sun by Anaya Music is in my view the best work to date from the artist, each of the 12 tracks upon this wondrous collective creation are blissfully fluent and charming to behold, the entire album at its conclusion leaves the listener with a sense of wellbeing and happiness, and that can’t be a bad thing can it? It is my thought that Rising Sun by Anaya Music would be the ideal album to have within your musical collections, marked as a warm place, a musical sanctuary to go to when times get tough.

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