Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sol de Invierno II - Winter Sun II By David Garrido Guil


Sol de Invierno II - Winter Sun II


David Garrido Guil

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sol de Invierno II - Winter Sun II by David Garrido Guil has to be the most beautiful singles to have hit my desk since the end of summer. A fine mixture of flute, acoustic guitar, percussion, and I think I even picked up a lute among other instrumentation on this colourful new offering.

This is stunning and redolent of the subject matter; I can tell you that first hand from my home on the Mediterranean, where the sun is now softer, the light more gentle and hazy, and with each passing day memories of a summer past, drift through the mind of tomorrow, with a soft smile upon the face of contentment.

The musicianship on this new song is outstanding and offers up a beautifully presented single that should be a massive hit in the winter charts.

A huge tip of the hat therefore goes to the following artists who have created such beauty.

David Garrido Guil: Piano, classical and soprano guitars, fretless bass, harp, tin & low whistles, synthesizers.

María Barrio Insausti: Transverse flutes and piccolo.

Manuel Garrido Palacios: Classical guitar, sitar and percussions.

Raquel Remesal: Laud and bandurria.



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