Thursday, November 18, 2021

Rain Drops By Antonija Pacek and Sanja Romić


Rain Drops


Antonija Pacek and Sanja Romić

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The combination of Antonija Pacek and Sanja Romić on piano and oboe respectively is truly something to marvel at and thoroughly enjoy, and I can testify to that, I am on my third play in a row, and each time I feel more, I hear more, and I am engaged more by the imploring tones that emanate from it, this is wonderfully special, and perfect also for the now, the latter half of autumn.

The mournful reflectivity by Romić’s oboe seems to dance with the narrative of Pacek’s piano with such great beauty; it is one that manifests something very memorable and textured. This I feel is a symbiosis in music at its very best, and I am sure that a big chart will come from the result of this ultra-skilful and well-crafted performance by both artists.

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