Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Myndstream Fall Flights


Myndstream Fall Flights


Steve Sheppard


It has been great to have been immersed in the Myndstream flights project during 2021, and to my further pleasure we have another flight sojourn to take right now, as we embrace autumn and the beauty it brings through the medium of Myndstream Fall Flights, and the various artists that have created offerings for it.

We start with a colourful solo piano composition called Autumn, composed and performed by Roger Kellaway, the lightness of touch on the keys here is palpable, but the depth that the artist creates is equally exciting in this vibrant piano arrangement, so much so that one could with ease visualise leaves spiralling towards the ground on this most beautiful presentation.

Now as someone once said, it’s time for something completely different, as we head into the realms of the electronic genre with David Baron and a piece called End Of One Thing. A clever performance can be found here with this artistic EM based offering, a build and progression of great quality, some quite fascinating effects, along with a crafted elevation of intensity can all be found in this riveting composition.

We close one door and open up the next, and the realm we find ourselves within now is the land of Acoustica, and thanks to the skill set on guitar of the talented Janet Noguera, we have a beautiful track to enjoy. Favor From The Wind is a soft and reflective arrangement that reminds me in style of a melodic Will Ackerman performance, one that would be perfect music to watch a mid-western sun fall slowly too, this is a track that such grace and textures can be found within.

The autumnal touch of this piece is stunning, called The Golden Hour; it is performed on acoustic guitar by Karlijn Langendijk. There is a wonderful sun kissed reverie here waiting to be found in this work of precise acoustic accomplishment, one feels a sense of an almost classical offering gently floating across the cadence of a late autumn day, and all with such a blissful sense of peace and serenity within its manifestation too.

Our next composition is a curious offering entitled Insects and performed by Larry Fast. Here we find an electronic arrangement that has a mood and intensity all of its own, and mixes several masterful techniques within its realms as we travel through it, in an almost melding of Keith Emerson meets John Carpenter, in what is a wonderfully exciting ride of classy electronic music.

We finish with an old friend in Bernward Koch, this German based composer and pianist has long been on my radar, and regularly creates such beautiful melodies and compositions, and this beautiful reverie entitled An Old Fairy Tale continues that magical consistency for the artist, in a film score styled narrative, that manifests a tranquil vibe whilst bathing in a sea of utter fluency.

These latest releases from Myndstream are sure set to become popular releases with those that listen to them.


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