Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Vivid Dreams By Piano Lilium


Vivid Dreams


Piano Lilium

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Dreams are such an impactful subject to deal with, and even more so, to try and explain the machinations of the mind as it tries to solve the unsolvable can lead too much confusion on waking. Here in this expressive solo piece Piano Lilium tries to manifest that aforementioned feeling into music, and I must say I think succeeds brilliantly.

Vivid Dreams by Piano Lilium has a pace to it that is very much like the turmoil we find ourselves in, when in the dream state itself, this is superbly composed with quieter segments, then as things ease as dreams always do, change occurs, as indeed does this fine composition, the breath taking moments are now matched with a colourful melody, and concludes with a coda that is simply undeniable and almost climatic.

This is one of the most exciting solo piano pieces I think I have heard for ages, the energy is simply palpable and the entire composition is a roller coaster ride of emotive conditions, as such I have a feeling that fans of this genre are going to adore Vivid Dreams by Piano Lilium, and as such it should gain a really healthy chart placement.

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