Thursday, December 7, 2023

O Come All Ye Faithful By Annie Locke


O Come All Ye Faithful


Annie Locke

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I can’t express enough how nice it is to write the words Annie Locke, yes, the pianist is back, and with a heart-warming rendition of a very famous seasonal carol, O Come All Ye Faithful, a creation that has been ascribed to many authors over the years and as far back as possibly 1604. Here the pianist brings the whole mood of the carol up to date, giving it that inimitable Annie Locke touch of great colour and warmth.

From the very first few notes Locke makes this composition her own, by offering us a combination of gentle and robust vibrations, this beautifully flows into one of the most fluent and attractive versions of this carol I have ever heard; the artist has always had a way of building on a solid narrative and like a musical sculptor, constructing charming like nuances that are literally palpable.

O Come All Ye Faithful by Annie Locke is what Christmas was waiting for, this magical uplifting rendition is the brandy upon the pudding, and the snap in the cracker, Annie has done it again, and her charming new release can take pride of place on your seasonal playlists as the star on top of your musical Christmas tree.

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