Tuesday, December 5, 2023

I Wish You Peace By Cadence Spalding


I Wish You Peace


Cadence Spalding

Written by

Andy Rogers


As Christmas becomes increasingly a time for rampant consumerism, greed and cynicism, it is all too easy to forget what it is all supposed to be about, so it is refreshing to have this new single from Cadence Spalding, “I Wish You Peace”, that looks towards the true meaning of Christmas along with a wish for Peace on Earth (and wouldn’t that be a good thing right now?)

The single starts with a rush of excitement… Christmas Bells and a lush orchestration that I would describe as “Festive” and “Euphoric” before we get almost choral voices singing a Hallelujah refrain that returns at times throughout the track.

To give the song that traditional Christmas & Winter feeling the verses feature such familiar phrases as “Cold winters night”, “stars shone bright”, “Snow on the ground”, “a child is born”, and of course the angels who are there to “Wish you joy and wish you grace, wish you peace just like Christmas Day!”. So well put together and performed is this single that those familiar phrases come through without feeling like Christmas Clichés, which is not easy to do.  At the end the angelic chorus fades off into the distance and you are left feeling uplifted and full of the Joy of Christmas.

A wonderful Christmas single that truly evokes the Spirit of Christmas.

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