Monday, December 4, 2023

They Came From Afar By Richard Dillon


They Came From Afar


Richard Dillon

Written By

Andy Rogers

Christmas music can be tricky to get right if you are to avoid sickly sentiment or rampant commercialism.  This new single from Richard Dillon, “They Came from Afar” manages to convey the magic of Christmas while avoiding the obvious pitfalls.

It opens with the sound of wind and distant thunder … the music then comes in as the weary travellers approach; The music has a Middle-Eastern feel to the instrumentation with gentle percussion and the tune (to my ear) has the feel of the old Christmas carol “On Christmas Night” that really helps set the mood of the piece.

A short pause and then the music acquires a new, processional feel… you can almost see the wise men and their entourage as they approach across the desert and pass you by on their quest to follow the star … Gradually the music fades away as they go on their journey until at the end all that remains is the receding percussion and the return of the desert wind.

Another excellent single from Richard Dillon that captures the mood and deserves to do well in the charts.


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