Monday, December 11, 2023

Katharsis By Fred Grenot




Fred Grenot

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It has been said that the power of music is a cathartic healing modality, it can help heal wounds of the past and assist in creating a foundation for a brighter future, music has that power and much more, it is the only language in existence that always speaks the truth, and this great beauty of truth is exactly what Fred Grenot has created here on this latest single entitled Katharsis.

Since his return to the music business, Fred’s manifestations have been nothing more than remarkable and utterly stunning in every aspect, this fluent new opus entitled Katharsis continues that narrative, the flowing peaceful synths bathe our senses with a tranquil vibration that is akin to lying in a warm gentle ocean, and allowing the curative waves to wash over you.

Fred’s music isn’t just good, it isn’t just wonderfully serene, yes he has aspects of Chuck Wild’s Liquid Mind, but he also has a special caring blend of musical intent that will one day see him rise into the higher echelons of healing ambient music like no other before him, and soulful, peace filled compositions like Katharsis, will be those beautifully tender arrangements that will help get him there. 

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