Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Lost Love By Chris Sarantakis & Andy Georges


Lost Love


Chris Sarantakis & Andy Georges

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so very nice to review a very classy world music track such as this, one that contains Bouzouki and guitar as well, this is music that we here in Cyprus bathe in, the passion filled structures of this brand new single will fill you with a desire to fly quickly to a much warmer Mediterranean country perhaps, but it will certainly have you reaching for the repeat button many times over.

There can be no doubt that Sarantakis and his Bouzouki are symbiotically joined, and after hearing this new single you will doubtlessly find that the doors of quality world and global fusion music, are forever wedged open and wide, and just waiting for your musical embrace.

The power and emotion in this new single entitled Lost Love are very palpable, deeply moving and redolent of a land where the passions of such love are fiery and full of a constant craving. The rhythm and vibrancy of this duet is stunning, both guitar and Bouzouki are played with such intensity and an ache in the heart to be heard, this is without doubt one of the most desirable global fusion singles I have heard for quite some time, performed by two musicians who clearly know there genre, and as such, Lost Love by Chris Sarantakis & Andy Georges should be a massive and addictive hit for the duet.

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