Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Radiant Gratitude By Ryan Judd


Radiant Gratitude


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is strange, I sit here at sunrise and listen to this amazing new single by Ryan Judd called Radiant Gratitude; this composition has the energy of a hopeful new morning within its construction. This is a piece of tranquillity that continues the theme of an acoustic healing guitar that Judd is now becoming very well known for.

The soft pastiche of synths hovers with the mournful repose of a late autumn mist, whilst the performer plays notes and plucks strings that seem to have a stunning texture all of their own, which in turn, leaves one in no doubt that this soothing style of acoustic performance is quickly taking Ryan Judd to a legendary status within its ranks.

On Radiant Gratitude the artist has manifested a tempo that is rich in texture and as delicate as the first petal of spring. Here lays another new arrangement that takes the listener on a cathartic journey, and concludes by leaving them in a serene meditative state that they will indeed feel most grateful for. Radiant Gratitude by Ryan Judd is beautifully brilliant and utterly peaceful; it is another piece of the jigsaw that is the rise of restorative and therapeutic music.

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