Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Piano Stories 2022 By G. Will-K.


Piano Stories 2022


G. Will-K.

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been looking forward to listening to this specific album for a while, I had until now, dipped in an out, and found much to enjoy, now here and with the opportunity to share my thoughts via a review, I find a true cornucopia of piano treasures, because Piano Stories 2022 by G. Will K. is not just another solo piano creation, for me it is an open door to a dimension of creative and artistic music.

Raindrops is a fine example, not that we get many of them here in Cyprus, but I can remember November days in England, wondering if the sun actually existed or had it been stole by the thief of always, as I watched with sadness as the rain constantly kept falling from the grey leaden skies above, and thinking. Now many years ahead, this specific track would have summed up my mood perfectly back then, a deep and profound manifestation of tone and expression can indeed be found here.

Moonlight has always encapsulated me, on this piece the pianist has brought a great sensitivity to the table, and created a track that is filled with a soft silver texture, much like the moon, as it radiates the sun’s rays down upon our sleeping world, this has to be one of the most emotive compositions on the album, though not in a sad way, but in a delicate and appreciative fashion, and one much appreciated.

Something most sane people want is Peace; this proud, explorative, emotional and imploring musical narrative, is a sublime representation of that search for Peace. There is a wonderful gentleness that is so pristine here, one that reminded me in parts of U.S pianist Dan Chadburn in its overall warmth and thoughtfulness of presentation.

We are heading towards the darker realms of the release, and towards one of my favourite tracks in Twilight, apart from being one of the best times of the day, here is an arrangement that is at first cautious in its initial approach, ambient in its construction, but also full of suspense and anticipation; this song is a prime example of excellent story telling via the medium of the piano, at times almost classical, but at all times, a piece that grabs you and never lets go.

The long dark nights of winter are nearly upon us, and as I had last night from that darkness, from those portals of fear, came the army of the Nightmare realm. My experience was disturbing, dark, and at times, I could even hear the pounding of the tale-tell heart, and the flapping of the dark wings of the Raven. Nightmare, a performance with darkness and depth, a piece so apprehensive and uneasy that you simply cannot stop listening to it; I am now on listen 6, and onwards into the small wee hours of the clock!

We arrive at the last doorway to this existence known as Piano Stories 2022, and we gracefully accept the gift of Fading Stars as our concluding offering. One must applaud the artist here; this is a simply beautiful offering, one that has a fluidity and sensitivity all of its own and it is simply the best way with which to conclude the album.

Piano Stories 2022 by G. Will-K. is an album or EP, it matters little which, it is a creation of outstanding quality, it is a release I am glad I listened to today, as its artistic brilliance has enchanted me, as I hope it will you as well. If you’re a fan of solo piano, you would be remiss not to have a copy of this creative album Piano Stories 2022 by G. Will-K., it is in my opinion a must have offering, and a release that illustrated for me, the very best in story telling via the medium of the piano.

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