Thursday, November 10, 2022

Afterthought By Lorna James



Lorna James

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A fairly new artist for me, but memories from this music would take me back some 20 years into my past, those memories were a mixture of sadness and joy, light and shade, but now in reflection, I can employ this Afterthought, I can see it was just life unfurling, doing what it does best, always moving onward.

For me, this brand new single from Lorna James provoked images of past and present, the performance was sublime, fluent and emotive, at times meditative, yet juxtaposed to this, a sense of longing for certain moments never to end, or perhaps even to return, they could all be felt here.

As a musician, to be able to manifest this in a listener is an amazing thing indeed, James is a pianist with a thoughtful memory styled artistic ability, the added orchestration granted this single another superb layer of brilliance, and as such I can see Afterthought by Lorna James being a huge hit on the charts for the artist.


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