Thursday, November 17, 2022

Going Home By Tom Moore & Tim Sadow


Going Home


Tom Moore & Tim Sadow

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are moments within this vast oasis of musical time that are filled with reveries so powerful yet purposeful, so meaningful and so meditative, and so deep yet marvellously uplifting, Going Home by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow is one of those moments, it is a magnificent twinkling of utter beauty, wrapped in a contemplative blanket of sound and timbre.

This is the album I have been waiting all year to hear, the new age music genre needed this album, and like a shot in the arm its transcendent exquisiteness caresses our very senses. This journey of plenty starts with the haunting, yet simply breath-taking, The Voyage Home, a variety of synth work, with added percussion takes us by the hand and leads us back to the well of the universe, with Sadow’s violin creating the melody of attractiveness, in a style I haven’t heard since the release Essence of Magic by Medwyn Goodall much earlier on in this century.

The track Time and Eternity is before us next, and from the depths of this mysterious semblance, comes a piece that falls in the footfalls of the previous composition, Sadow, imperious with his Violin, whilst Moore adds an electronic flavour that is simply irresistible, and continues our theme of reconnection to the cosmos, the oneness of all we are.

However, we now land at a point of brilliance, I have longed for what seems an eternity to hear a piece that rivals the greats of my past, those haunting reveres of artists like Deuter and his Buddha Nature, or perhaps a journey to a Temple in the Forest with David Naegele, I now believe that long wait has arrived and birthed for me one of the best New Age music tracks I have heard for some 20 years, perhaps longer, in the quite amazing composition A Ring of Endless Light. A mournful and aged expression can be heard on the strings of Sadow, one so moving and emotive it raises every hair your body, this is meditative bliss, and if this track alone was 1 hour long it wouldn’t have been enough for me, simply picture perfect.

With one small musical step we find ourselves at the half way marker of this very fine journey of souls, and as our energies intermingle with the trans dimensional portals of reality, we can hover in the beauty of this next quite stunning offering entitled An Ancient Path. If ever a path was laid within the universe to guide you home, this is it. The ancestral drum leads you with every footstep, with every beat, the violin plays an anthem of a time long ago, one that through the multi instrumental nature of this piece is mysterious and magnificent in all its glory.

We now meet the Knower of the Illusion, this remarkable partnership of Moore and Sadow now gift us a piece that is bathed in the mist of time itself, this swirling creation drifts around you like an early autumn morning, and leaves a state of wonderment, as it creates its angels of blissful creation as it goes, the ethereal vocalisations are shadowy portraits of a crafted artistic endeavour, while Sadow on violin, plays in my view one of his best performances thus far. I must also add here that the bass of Tom Moore was not only a delight to hear, but to feel as well and an integral part of this quite powerful opus without doubt.

Going Beyond the Material World, is a journey we all take, and perhaps this symbiotic partnership of geniuses have manifested the soundtrack for that very event. Once more they both have created something quite meditative, indeed a track that would be very easy to use in a meditational practice, as we strip away all that we thought we needed, and let go! The performance here is actually very delicate, and almost sympathetic in tone and composition.

The penultimate portal has been reached, and we are gifted a piece called All Things Will Pass, perhaps a classic truism, but none the less most correct in all aspects, here both Moore and Sadow create an arrangement for that moment of understanding. The bass again is delightful, with the keyboard segments in perfect soulful harmonic bliss with Sadow’s violin.

So we now stand at the end of our journey with Tom Moore and Tim Sadow, as we listen to the concluding track off the album entitled Divine Grace. A gentle synth approach akin to classic Liquid Mind starts our last voyage, this is such a crafted way with which to leave the album, it is enough to bring you to tears of blissful joy, this concluding narrative is also built with such a tender compassionate energy, it is without doubt the most sublime way with which to leave the album.

Going Home by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow was 45 minutes of time spent perfectly, the best work of the artists thus far, and an investment of unspoiled flawless musical magic. It is so wonderful to hear such an impeccable album within this genre, and it is just what is needed in this time of global confusion and fear. I will be amazed if this album is not nominated for an award in some category, it is that good, and as such Going Home by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow should be an album that is at the very top of your musical wish list right now, without a shadow of a doubt.

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