Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Angels Among Us By Lisa Linsky


Angels Among Us


Lisa Linsky

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The dimension and expansion of the solo piano genre is far and wide and indeed vast, so it is with a great pleasure I get to dive into the world of Angels with pianist Lisa Linsky, a subject not usually within the realm of solo piano, so this for me makes a very nice change, and an opportunity to explore a different world of piano based magic, on this latest release Angels Among Us.

It’s also good to hear the title track as the first piece off the album, here it sits proudly upon its throne of accomplishment, and as we listen to Angels Among Us, there is much to enjoy, as Linsky manifests something quite bright and full of all the right intentions, and all done with a masterful musical narrative at its driving force.

Our toes are now dipped into this angelic realm, and therefore we can now hop from one stepping stone to another, as we listen to the following track entitled Angels Dance, a bright reverie, an exciting full flowing melody with a wonderfully happy energy built within its musical weave.

From our position we can now see the Angel’s Love radiate across the universe, this wave of colourful energy floats all around us, and like this amazing performance, which was one of my personal favourites, the track pulls back and forth like a summer tide, and creates different moments of tranquillity, within a timeless imaginative performance.

Angel’s Flight is an illustrious offering, one could literally hear see and feel the movement within this most attractive of songs, the lightness of spirit and textured presentation here, makes this composition one of those that would be impossible not to fall in love with, it is also noteworthy, that here is a creation that could easily be used in a movie segment, it has that classy mystical element about its construction too.

As we approach the half way marker we come across a gentle musical tale called Angels Landing, there was a softness about this manifestation that was particularly attractive, but also a piece with a slight alteration in tempo that created for me a dualistic reality, one that was very enjoyable indeed.

From our mid-way vantage point we have a delight of the earthly realms now, as we gaze over the Angel’s Garden; I would have to say that this is a glorious track, rich in tone and timbre, it is also a track that allows the creation of some most pleasing imaginative visuals, the green growth of a flourishing garden, with the symbiotic touch of an angel’s wings perhaps.

The shortest track at just over 2 minutes was the compelling composition entitled Angel’s Journey, this, although relatively short form in construction, was a song that had so much within, and its purposeful onward motion of sound made this for me, one of the most artistic pieces off the release, and yet another song one could see featuring within a film’s soundtrack.

I think I may have said the word flourishing before, but here it is again, this has to be one of the most majestic offerings off the album and called Angel’s Above, a song that had such a powerful and positive essence, and retained such a mixture of presentational styles, there is that flourishing touch, that sensitive refrain, and that passionate flow of a melody so strong it was deeply moving.

Angel’s Wish is our next doorway, one we push open with joy; the performance here is heartfelt and thoughtful, the build and progression here is something quite spectacular, layers of hope are explored, on what is a meticulous presentation by the pianist.

Angel Asrael is a construct that is completely different from all that has gone before it; this is a moody composition of great depth and sincerity, the deep well of notes and performance by Linsky is simply cinematic in presentation, and as such, a wonderfully complex, yet penetrating offering can be found here.

As we reach the penultimate track from the album, Angels Calling, we note that we have been gifted a true present from them, this is a piece that flows in the warm winds of the universe, and whilst doing so, creates calm and serenity. The performance is so good that it manifests a warmth of presentation, and an energy of security as it plays.

Our concluding composition is entitled Angel’s Glory, a final piece that shines as brightly as the stars above, anthem like in style, but deeply powerful, and a track that resonates with such a clever juxtaposition, darkness and light, shadow and sun, it’s all here in a final performance that is simply sublime.

Angels Among Us by Lisa Linsky is a solo piano album that will enchant you with its narrative, pull you in deeper with its melodic structures, and leave you in utter awe and the artistic endeavour that has just revealed itself. Angels Among Us by Lisa Linsky is an album any serious fan of the solo piano genre must have at all costs, a full flowing and passionate tale, told by a pianist who is truly in touch with her musical muse. 

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