Friday, November 18, 2022

All The Best Returns By Robin Spielberg


All The Best Returns


Robin Spielberg

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I gave myself a shock this morning when I realised that the music of Robin Spielberg had been in my life since the arrival one day of her album Heal of the Hand way back in 1994, the 90’s were a time of major change for me, but Robins work always was a point of stability and reference when times of struggle came, here on this brand new release, we have 5 wonderful tracks that illustrate what a crafted pianist the artist truly is.

The opening piece is always an important reference, and shows the listener the intent of the artist, here on In Search of the Forest Fairy we have an incredibly powerful opener, one that is so beautifully played that the juxtaposition between light and shade is balanced perfectly, with ease this piece would suit a segment from a forest theatrical play like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with ease.

Robin follows that up with the gentle refrains of this next piece entitled One Step Closer, this was a wonderful mix of hope and reflection, but as always the artist plays with an ever onward purpose, in one of the most fluent arrangements I think I have ever heard from the musician, this is one of those compositions that will guarantee repeat plays.

All the Best Returns is a fascinating arrangement, almost Waltz like in style, but with a wonderfully colourful tone, but then, after all this is the centre piece of this musical art gallery, the title track, once more Spielberg gifts us a happy honest gift, but one craft-fully composed with a little extra reflective energy as well.

The End of Summer, well this is indeed where we are at this current time of writing, although in my country you would hardly know it, however in some locations across our beautiful globe, leaves fall, flowers die, and the nights become longer and darker. Here Spielberg is at her very best as her performance brings a little shade and sadness to the fore, but once more it is a piece that holds on dearly, to new memories of happiness gained from a summer now at its end.

Shche ne Vmerla Ukrainy (the Ukrainian National Anthem) finishes the entire project, and it saddens me that still here, and now in the 21st century, war is even still relevant, do we ever learn? Here Spielberg gives us her interpretation of the national anthem for Ukraine, and delivers one of the most moving performances whilst doing so, and indeed a fine way to leave this compilation of wonderful creations.

All The Best Returns by Robin Spielberg is a bliss filled 5 track release of great quality and style, Spielberg’s grace and confidence shines through with such class and panache, that one cannot fail to be impressed by this creative and sublime collection of superb arrangements, this has to be a must have at all costs.

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