Thursday, September 9, 2021

Reflection No.1 By Eric Chapelle & Michelle Schumann


Reflection No.1


Eric Chapelle & Michelle Schumann

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When I first listened to this composition I gazed longingly at the cover of the single and it seemed so relevant, so idyllic, and for me quite emotive. Rivers are something I truly miss here in Cyprus, a country with very few, if any at all. So, I was pulled in by the artwork, and then I drifted on a bed of tone, lulled into a calmness that I hadn’t felt since being at a real river, and through the beautiful performance by pianist Michelle Schumann.

The picture is of the River Sorgue in Southern France, and one must say that composer Eric Chapelle has created a piece of music here entitled Reflection No.1, that is some of the most moving and soothing I have heard for a while in the solo piano genre, the musical performance indeed is as fluent as this most picturesque river itself. There are elements of classical piano built into the weave of the arrangement that are utterly sublime, and it has to be said, that I sense this has to be a hit single in the making for the artists.

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  1. Beautiful review of the fluid compositions of Eric Chapelle. Time slows to a gentle stream lapping over the soft stones when listening to Mr. Chapelle's music. Thank you.