Monday, September 20, 2021

Flow Motion


Flow Motion


Ian Cameron Smith

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I first came into contact with the sublime guitarist Ian Cameron Smith through Kevin Kendle, the artist featured on both his Flowers and Butterflies albums, his chilled resonances have stayed with me for ever, and through the years I have always liked to feature some of his music on my various radio shows.

Ian Cameron Smith has such a chilled way of performing, akin to Jim Kimo West perhaps, but here on this new single entitled Flow Motion, we have a fairly smooth but upbeat composition to enjoy.

The artists almost liquid style of performance, seems to just drift like a summer haze from his strings, and Flow Motion with its rhythmic back percussive beat, and its easy on the ears guitar, creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and utter peacefulness with every note played, a sure fire hit single without a show of a doubt can be found here.


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