Monday, September 20, 2021

A Different Place By Melany Thompson


A Different Place


Melany Thompson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Melany Thompson is one of the most descriptive artists of her day; her skills on the piano are a delight to listen to, and on this brand new single entitled A Different Place, we have an incredibly moving and emotive composition to enjoy.

This new single A Different Place has such a depth to it, and from such depths comes a truly sublime moment of solo piano reflection, one could be gazing out over a vast nature scene, being totally in peace, but residues of the contemplative mind still run across the deserts of emotion within.

There is a mournful quality to this arrangement that is so beautiful played, that lush interplay with minor and major, one that perhaps recognises the lessons of the past, but now embraces the different place that we can call, the now. This must be a big hit for the artist, as it is music from the heart, and right into yours.

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