Monday, April 19, 2021

Orenda: Breath of Angels By Dyan Garris


Orenda: Breath of Angels


Dyan Garris

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I had only be talking to a friend the other day about the lack of albums about Angels in the New Age music scene these days, when up pops this splendid new release by composer Dyan Garris, and her latest offering, a fine collection of beautiful tracks we can now know as Orenda: Breath of Angels.

This is the artist’s 14th album and her experience and fluent artistry, dare I say, may have seen created one of the best albums of year in this genre by far, with wonderfully flowing pieces like the opener, Every Time You Breathe feat. Juliet Lyons, VOX & Sherry Finzer, to the soothing narrative of the following offering Another Place.

The title track Orenda is truly something to admire, the keyboard performance by the artist seems to literally hover all around you, it is as if the very tones and timbre of this most marvellous composition, are touching your very soul; when I hear music like this I am filled with joy and abundance.

Here is a joyous album that takes us back to the golden days of classic New Age music, and I can see that this is going to be a real permanent fixture on my player of choice, as is the track Timeless Traveler feat. Sherry Finzer, a piece that utilises the perfect flute performances of the flautist once more.

This is an album that it must be said is utterly translucent, and its radiance shines with each and every track, and one that concludes with the beautifully named 5th Eye Trance feat. Rebekah Eden & VOX, this is one of the finest offerings of angelic ambience I have heard for literally decades.

Orenda: Breath of Angels has without doubt been created by an unconditional connection to the angelic realms, this is the breath of fresh air this industry needs, and Garris must be proud of this her manifestation, for it has set free the genre of New age music once more, and Orenda: Breath of Angels by Dyan Garris will be the flag bearer at the front of this new revolution of sight and sound. This album deserves the high chart placings, and the inevitable awards it will get, simply and breathtakingly outstanding.

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