Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Carried by the Wind By Max Jeschek


Carried by the Wind


Max Jeschek

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It was such a delight to hear this track this sunny April morning, with the chaotic turmoil that the world finds itself in, it was a blissful four plus minutes, just to be bathed in a warming acoustic guitar, through the latest single by musician Max Jeschek and entitled Carried by the Wind. The smoothness of performance carried my concerns and worries away, and listening to those wonderful major minor combinations by Jeschek was an experience that I will, and must return to again later.

Carried by the Wind is a beautiful composition, created with such care and attention to detail, mood and emotion, and the performance by the artist was wonderfully warm, inventive and artistically sublime. Through this manifestation, Max Jeschek has made the world of acoustic guitar accessible to all who are sensible enough to listen to its colourful tones and I sense big hit will be blowing into the musical courtyard of Carried by the Wind.

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