Monday, April 19, 2021

Arrive and Disappear By Tom Caufield


Arrive and Disappear


Tom Caufield

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a wonderful sense of ambience created by the new album by Tom Caufield entitled Arrive and Disappear. Without a shadow of a doubt Caufield can count himself as one of the best acoustic guitarists of this modern age, and with this brand new release we can enjoy further, the beauty of this man’s transcendent musical creations.

I believe that the opening piece has to be one of the most layered and textured multi-instrumental acoustic compositions I have heard this year. Arrive and Disappear the title track, is both memorable and utterly smooth in its overall ethos, and allows us to enter the project with a warm sense of calm and tranquillity.

There are eight magical tracks on this new release to bathe within, like the transcendent Ommadawn. A track so soulful and emotive, I adored the mix of strings, and the constant energy of guitar that manifested such a soothing serene quality to the proceedings.

I adore music that tells a tale, one that weaves a narrative that one’s imagination can create something wonderful from, and I would recommend Tomorrow's Road with regard to that, a bright, but ever onward composition that is filled with hope and potential.

The penultimate offering off the album really deserves a mention too; it’s called The Little We Choose. The simplistic energy of this track and its respectful chords and notes makes this one of the most heartfelt offerings of the album, and easily one of those that could be left on repeat for hours.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the quality of a Tom Caufield album release as it is always bound to be totally top grade, but Arrive and Disappear may well have even found greater heights, its constant soothing narrative, it’s charming calm sense of tone, and the timeless performances of serene brilliance, all go to suggest that perhaps this is the best work so far from the artist and to be honest, if you’re a fan of really good contemporary instrumental music, then Arrive and Disappear by Tom Caufield should be in your collection at all costs.

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