Friday, May 26, 2023

The Turning By Heidi Breyer


The Turning


Heidi Breyer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sometimes the simplest of melodies, the most delicate of creations, can catch the eye and entice the imagination; here on this brand new single from pianist Heidi Breyer, we have a gentle refrain of what appears to be a humble manifestation, but as the composition made its way ever onward down the footpaths of musical time, we began to see a deeper more emotional arrangement slowly appear, a creation of awareness, but one that for its duration would stay loyal to its light-heartedness.

We can now surely say that Heidi is one of the finest pianists of what I would class, of a new creation period of the instrument, her artistic abilities are simply stunning, and she is both a writer and a painter with her music. The Turning for me is a musical metaphor, perhaps a reminder of change, along and up that spiral staircase of life, but we always have that opportunity to fling open a window and take in a breath of fresh air along the way, if we so wish to do so, or if we even recognise that we can.

Heidi has done it again; she has opened the door and allowed her muse to create freely, and done so in such a pristine and beautiful way, surely another fantastic hit is on the cards for The Turning by Heidi Breyer.

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