Monday, May 15, 2023

Pink Lemonade By Christophe Goze


Pink Lemonade


Christophe Goze

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Today the sun has kissed my country with what looks like is going to be a long hot and sultry summer, this new single by Christophe Goze reminds me of the cooling bliss of Pink Lemonade in the height of the seasons of sol, this brand new release is simply undeniably addictive and could well be played all summer long, with its elements of a Latin vibe contained within, we are gifted something incredibly special from the master of smooth Jazz.

Pink Lemonade by Christophe Goze is one of those new singles that will appeal to most listeners, it has a rhythmic sense of purpose, it’s laid back and chilled much like the lemonade, and it’s beautifully produced and performed by a man who truly knows his genre and his skill set. This song has a wonderful tranquil feel to it and that dreamy guitar was delightful, I also detected a little eastern Mediterranean vibe in there too which will make this new single a popular choice here in Cyprus.

Pink Lemonade by Christophe Goze is a blissful repose with which to spend just under four minutes in the company of, its tranquil, yet rhythmic tones will bring much peace and calm to your sunbed days, so may your summers be hot and your lemonade pink.

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