Thursday, May 11, 2023

90 Seconds to Midnight - Baila! By Kluane Takhini


90 Seconds to Midnight - Baila!


Kluane Takhini

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This has to be the most fascinating review I have had to write this year with ease, the quote from the artist set the scene for me. “The symbolic "Doomsday Clock" created 76 years ago by atomic scientists, including Albert Einstein, today stands the closest it has ever stood to humanity's darkest hour”

So with that being said, how we deal with such circumstances, fall into a pit of Nihilism and give up, or DANCE! This dichotomy is postulated and delivered here perfectly by Takhini, who once more utilises the amazing mournful qualities of a James Hill Trumpet on his latest release 90 Seconds to Midnight - Baila!

The rhythmic nuances are sublime, the Latin measures irresistible, and the overall narrative of this new single perfectly illustrated by the artist, in fact the juxtaposition of the variance between the two patterns within the song throws up a question which you the listener can be the only one to answer, the inevitability of destruction, or to dance while you still can.

90 Seconds to Midnight - Baila! By Kluane Takhini is a truly thought provoking new single that you just won’t be able to resist, so don’t, purchase it now, open your eyes to your own environment, be active, be positive, then dance like there is no tomorrow.

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