Thursday, May 18, 2023

Cherry Pops By Evan Carydakis


Cherry Pops


Evan Carydakis

Written by

Steve & Chrissie Sheppard


Acclaimed Australian Saxophonist Even Carydakis is back with a brand new single entitled Cherry Pops, and hot on the heels of his success with his last release of Movin On. This time the illustrious king of smooth sax brings his own antipodean flavour to a dedicational creation, in remembrance of his most beloved dog, a fine Australian Kelpie, whom has now passed from Canine lymphoma, who was called Cherry.

Carydakis started to play the saxophone when he was 15 years old, he has spent time with the legendary jazz educator, the late Charlie Banacos, and has now been performing on stage for around 25 years. Evan Carydakis brings his a-game to this field of musical play with a sublime new release, one filled with a positive vibrational energy and the smooth fluency that we have come to expect from the performer; the manifestation here is cohesive in its construction and in its presentation, with a fine lively tempo, vibrant percussion, guitar and keyboards,

Now you may wonder how Carydakis manages to keep that smooth fluency in his music, well he says it’s all down to space and simplicity and respecting his audience, well he certainly manages to do that, with what seems like ease.

Evan Carydakis is joined by Emmy nominated pianist Michael Whittaker who produced this new single and who also performed on keyboards, Adam McPhail on guitar and Petar Janjic on drums, Evans twin brother Stephan Carydakis also co-produced the track too.

One can almost visualise the pride and happiness of the symbiotic relationship between the artist and his canine companion in his performance, as the sax flowed with such power, colour and happy intensity, this is without doubt the musician at his very best, and a huge hit must also be the concluding mark on the cards, for this most bright, loving and enjoyable new single called Cherry Pops from Evan Carydakis.

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