Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Morning Haze By Silvia Blaser


Morning Haze


Silvia Blaser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It seems the world of flute music has been in my life for ages, it’s carried me across continents and instilled some of the most meaningful and meditative moments I’ve known. This new single from Silvia Blaser is a prime example of that excellence, a wonderfully sensitive and tender musical narrative indeed.

Morning Haze is a track that floats across the horizon of possibilities, and then onward and upward to the never ending universe itself. The artist has depicted perfectly for me that early morning sunrise energy here, that soft pastel pastiche of colours and vibrational tone of a true summer sunrise.

Silvia Blaser has a rare talent and with her flute, and she manifests a symbiotic partnership, one that produces something from the organic and into the spiritual, this new composition is one of the finest I have heard in the genre for some years, and is with ease a beautiful and gentle creation that has all the elements of being a timeless anthem of the early morning. Sheer bliss reigns supreme within this new offering, this is a must buy for all serious musical aficionados. 

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