Thursday, February 10, 2022

Time and Tides (re-vox version) By Dave Mohan


Time and Tides (re-vox version)


Dave Mohan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Dave Mohan is back on the scene with another new song, a heartfelt ballad which has elements that remind me of a classy soft rock piece of sublime craft, mixed with a little classic James Taylor.

This moving and reflective song drifts across the heartbeats of an empty dance floor, as Time and Tides pass us all by eventually. This is one of those tracks that should become a familiar place, a musical sanctuary if you will, a place to go to remind you of good times once had, in a song that is sung with such tenderness by Mohan’s sumptuous skill set, and the delicate female backing vocal contained within, this is one that should be a sure fire hit with ease and a wonderful last dance gift for any loved one.

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