Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Portraits By Brian Hagen




Brian Hagen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


We each live our lives in a sequence of moments, each one a portrait to an expression, a mood, a feeling, perhaps a person or event we hold dear or remember well, in the sequence of moments we call life. Here Brian Hagen most expressive piano works its classy magic, and manifests a veritable art gallery of compositions for us to enjoy, and each and every one a personal portrait of choice.

We could start with the sparkling and melodic progressions of Iridescence, or perhaps the warming embrace of A Time For Love, both pieces have such charming melodies and moods to drift along with.

Hagen is a pianist that is relatively new to me, although I have had him on my musical radar ever since the release of his You're The One album back in 2017, so its superb to hear new material from the artist, like the almost anthem refrains of You Are My Everything, and the charm filled musical narrative of Forever Love, two pieces both compelling and extremely heartfelt.

For lovers of solo piano and I know that’s many, your rich desires of plenty with be utterly satiated here on this 15 track album, especially with artistic expressions like After The Rain, a piece that for me retained a little Lanz within the energy of the arrangement, or Homage, a composition that it would be easy to create lyrics for.

There is so much here to enjoy, if you passion is piano, then you have made it to sanctuary, and offerings like the penultimate piece Starlight Dance will pacify that need with its gentle rhythms and movement, whilst Hagen concludes his new release with The Peace Within, a final song that was my personal favourite from the album, and is something I believe we all need right now more than ever, the mood and energy of this track said it all so wonderfully.

Portraits by Brian Hagen is a superb album, a musical art gallery of many thoughts, actions, energies and emotions that all fall together so beautifully and craft fully. Here is an album that will resonate with you and allow you to create your own musical portraits with each passing listen of this very classy album.

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