Friday, February 11, 2022

Melody Diaries By Lisa Cullum


Melody Diaries


Lisa Cullum

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I must admit I was delighted to hear the expressions of passion within this new release by Lisa Cullum entitled Melody Diaries; she has taken her skill set, added a whole realm of emotion, and created a vast yet poignant, and very reflective neo classical lilt to this new release.

The first part of this journey is now known to us as Endings, and contains a string section to simply melt into the abyss of emotion with, it reminds me of my past with my best friend, and our days in the country, sadly he is no longer with us, but the memories still remain, this is a truly heart felt offering without doubt.

Cullum’s piano is her musical paint brush and on Distance she manifests a wide open plain of music that stretches on and into infinity, there is an emptiness here, that whilst sad is also appealing in a performance that is so compelling, one which floats with a transcendent beauty into the piece Hope, a truly clever arrangement, one that lifts the listener up from the horizon, to gaze onward to possibly a brighter future; the performance here is strong and proud and played with a full heart and great depth.

One thing that is inevitable for each and every one of us is Change, here the artist creates an almost acceptance of that occurrence within music, and the presentation on piano and strings gives us a hint to allow that change to occur in the natural order of life’s rich tapestry.

This is an incredibly rich and colourful weave of sumptuous music that is finally brought to a close by the concluding composition entitled Beginnings and the circle of life continues ever onward. Cullum’s sensitive touch on the keys here is much appreciated; this layered gentleness manufactures a perfect ending piece, which lays a slither of hope that although this is the final offering, it may just be the beginning!

Melody Diaries by Lisa Cullum is a really pleasing album to listen to; its soft yet melodic energies are very appealing to the senses of the seeker of emotional yet reflective music. Here is an album that will move you, enthral you, and have you reaching for that repeat button when the very last note is being played, a delightful release indeed.

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  1. hello hoping you would write a review for my song All Stand Together..? thank you..!