Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Beyond the Dreamsphere By Hiroki Okano ft: Akira ∞ Ikeda


Beyond the Dreamsphere


Hiroki Okano ft: Akira ∞ Ikeda

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is nothing greater in our existence than the world we live on, it allows us to walk on its back and breathe its air, drink from its waters, and feed from its fruits. Today we have a fantastic opportunity through the medium of this new album, the 6th in the project from Hiroki Okano ft: Akira ∞ Ikeda entitled Beyond The Dreamsphere, to sample the globe wide experience of Helio Compass Music, a sonic depiction of a year on our mother Earth from equinox to equinox in this 50 minute creation of natural beautiful bliss.

One wonderfully long form opus of a track weaves us through time and tide, through landscapes across the globe, from season to season, so let’s just allow the tones and textures of this quite breath taking tapestry of brilliance be our musical guide.

A wonderful build and progression can be found on the opening of this album, one that leads us gently by the hand to a sumptuous moment after 12 minutes of a blissfully peace filled manifestation, as synths and female vocals with a crafted bass line, build a sanctuary of calm and serenity all around us.

Waves roll up and into sea caves as the ocean cries; one must state at this point as someone who uses natural sounds on his own music, that these recordings are some of the best I have ever heard, and the production skill set to weave them into the overall composition is simply genius, and adds to the overall feel of the project greatly, simply put, you are 100% there.

As seasons change, sound changes also, birds prepare for natures alterations, as the wind blows summer from the leaves, at the half way juncture autumn is reached, and the more mellow tones of reflection can be found, and then at 26 minutes in, one of the most beautiful moments of atmospheric music can be found, as golden fields spread out across a landscape of fallen leaves, one of the most artistic and awe inspiring depictions of the season of mist is portrayed, and a veritable heartbeat of the planet can be found just two minutes later with the inclusion of a lush percussive segment.

When one listens to an album of this magnitude, I find it hard to understand the borders, destruction and greed we create for ourselves through our fears and ignorance. We all need to listen to the conclusion of this release, we need to be open and feel the height of passion that the artists have for our beloved planet, and it is my hope that one day, we will realise that where we live is a gift beyond gifts, and is as much a part of us as, we are a part of it, and each of us, much as a part of each other, perhaps more than we ever realised.

Beyond the Dreamsphere by Hiroki Okano ft: Akira ∞ Ikeda has to be one of the most moving and influential albums of the year, this is not just a brilliant musical creation, this album is an opportunity to allow you to feel, understand and be a part of what this existence on this world really is all about. Beyond the Dreamsphere by Hiroki Okano ft: Akira ∞ Ikeda is a soundscape so vast and creative, lovingly manifested by musicians who are not only clearly in touch with their own respective muses, but with the very heart beat of Gaia itself.

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