Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stay By Claire Lawton




Claire Lawton

Written by

Chrissie Sheppard


I must admit, I did not know what I was expecting, but as soon as I heard the first few notes from the single Stay by Claire Lawton, I was delighted. I love the simplistic style used to create this arrangement that is so delicately played, something not easy to do, but that Lawton has done with absolute style.

Stay is a beautiful solo piano arrangement that takes you to a place of inner serenity, somewhere you will want to stay, somewhere piece filled and totally relaxing: this is just what I needed to hear, life has been crazy busy, and I just needed to take some time to slow down the pace and relax, and this was the perfect piece of music for me to listen to as I did so.

If you love piano music or just music that makes you feel good, then this is for you and should be a big hit for the artist.


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