Thursday, October 14, 2021

An Approaching Storm By Derek Wille


An Approaching Storm


Derek Wille

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A new musician arrives on the radar for me, and I am excited to be able to take in the latest Myndstream artist in Derek Wille, this being his debut album one has to say it’s an incredible start for the composer, as something dramatic and melodic this way comes.

A subject dear to my heart is embraced through An Approaching Storm, and indeed the title track gets us underway with an exciting ride of solo piano. This is a masterful performance, creating a perfect depiction of a huge storm heading our way, sometimes pulling back as if the thunder can be heard rolling in the distance.

There are many beautiful moments of musical craft on this new debut album by Wille, the musical narrative of Last Kiss could have been taken from a David Lanz song book, it is so romantic, whilst Cold Day has that depth and sharpness that brilliantly illustrated the subject matter.

One of my personal favourites was the smooth and tranquil tones of Green In Blue, here is a composition of great quality, in my view this is one of the most illustrative and expressive moments of solo piano I have heard for quite a while, this is a wonderfully reflective and emotive composition, one could sit and watch the sun set to this piece, and still want more.

This eleven track album is filled from top to bottom with incredibly illuminating solo piano performances, and topped off by the concluding offering entitled Waking Up Late Morning. One could visualise pulling the curtains back after waking, and watching the sun break through the clouds, creating a perfect opportunity of a brand new day to this ending offering.

An Approaching Storm by Derek Wille is one of the most visionary debut albums of solo piano I have heard for simply years, if this album is anything to go by, a bright future lays ahead for Derek Wille, one that will touch hearts, ease minds, and bring a wide smile of contentment to lovers of really good music everywhere.

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  1. Thanks for posting this excellent review Steve! I agree that Derek Willie's new album "An Approaching Storm" contains great solo piano music from a most talented musician. I'm looking forward to hearing more creative work from him too. :)