Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Microcells By Claudio Casanueva




Claudio Casanueva

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There can be no doubt that Claudio Casanueva has to be one of them most prolific and talented composers and performers in the Electronic and Ambient music field today, and here we have a rarity as the artist gives us a standalone album of two beautiful and unique pieces entitled Microcells.

There are artists that just seem to have that magical ability to create vast soundscapes at will, very few have a far ranging talent like this, but I believe on Microcells, Casanueva is easily up there with the likes of the UK’s Kevin Kendle, and US keyboard supremo Jonn Serrie.

This two track offering is simply perfection and one can float within it with ease, Microcells Part 1 has utterly lush synths, filled full of a soothing narrative that is an absolute joy to sonically bathe within, there is also a memory filled tapestry of a blissful wonderment here, and all wrapped up in one of the warmest performances to date.

Microcells Part 2 of this grand opus is like being on a spaceship itself, with the audio chatter, references to Area 51 and some clever and creative slices of selected audio that fit this more EM based beginning. This is a journey that is fascinating, and in a way, it is almost like being inside a musical documentary, one that I found deeply intriguing and fascinating to listen to. This is electronic musical prowess at its very best, and a truly intelligent composition that floated across the great divide on the galaxy with such consummate ease.

Claudio Casanueva is an architect of sonic mastery, a master builder of tone, and a creator of all that is good and classy in this vast realm of electronic and ambient music. Microcells is a two track album of brilliance by the artist, long form it maybe, but trust me, place your head phones on, press start, and it will be a voyage of musical genius you will never want to come home from, space music at its very best indeed.

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