Friday, November 27, 2020

Season of Peace By Cornell Kinderknecht


Season of Peace


Cornell Kinderknecht

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A Christmas flute based album is a rare thing, so when I noted that the release Season Of Peace had landed upon my desk for review I was over joyed, Cornell Kinderknecht has a rare, but wonderful talent for making the flute sing to the heart, and on this Christmas collection, he once again does just that.

The arrangement of We Three Kings is something to treasure, the pristine qualities of this track alone are so redolent of this time of year, and one that paints a perfect picture in the mind’s eye, the combination of piano and flute work symbiotically here to bring great musical joy.

A total classic is up next as we explore the artist’s version of The First Noel, the charming energy created here is quite blissful, and the piano explores a strategy of arrangements that is so appealing, so much so, that it was one of my personal favourites off the album.

There was a beautiful intensity about the mid-way piece entitled Huron Carol, Kinderknecht allows his flute to flutter through the forests and across the snow filled landscapes with this utterly transcendent composition, one that also cleverly retains a slight Celtic influence within as well.

We now move to an incredibly well known carol, and one that you can no doubt sing along with too, of course I am referring to O Holy Night; the lightness and cheer filled reverie here is palpable and deeply enjoyable too.

Our penultimate offering is the Coventry Carol; Kinderknecht’s flute adds an almost haunting quality to the composition, and now you have indeed arrived at my personal favourite off the album. For me the artist has crossed three major genres here, and succeeded in bringing us a quality arrangement of a classic, with Native flute, a slight Celtic influence, and even a little renascence too, all in the mix of a fabulous offering.

The last quality presentation is the artists own piece entitled Winter Blue, now as a keyboardist myself I adore the electronic piano, it is so emotive, so naturally, when you add the flute into the mix, the result is a masterful weave of emotional genius.

Season of Peace by Cornell Kinderknecht is a very classy multi-instrumental album that has been manifested into reality from an artist who clearly is in touch with his winter musical muse. The flute is crisp and clear and its partnership with the keyboards adds a beautiful balance to the whole project, one that is refreshing and accessible to all.

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