Thursday, November 12, 2020

Concerti By Dario Pagano




Dario Pagano

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I must say it made a refreshing change for me to review a work of Classical style within the realm now known to me as Concerti by Dario Pagano, for Clarinet, Oboe and Orchestra.

From the very first track we are treated to a superior production and a charming musical narrative that had an almost regal sense of energy about its construction, in the track Concerto Per Clarinetto (Mov.1 Andante). The clarinet worked with such a symbiosis on this piece of just over 10 minutes.

Concerto Per Clarinetto (Mov.2 Largo) was created in such a superb flow and fluency, that it drifts with beauty across the ever willing mind. This is one of my favourite pieces; the expectancy and grandness of the moment are all achieved with such clarity on this opus.

The midway point is reached with the charming musical narrative that is Concerto Per Clarinetto (Mov.3 Allegro). The clarinet here is almost transcendent, and empowers the symphonic gestures of the classical energies of the arrangement.

We now move to the second part of the album, the movement and structure of Concerto Per Oboe, Arpa (Mov.1 Allegro) is something to enjoy as is the mysterious and almost mournful performance of Concerto Per Oboe, Arpa (Mov.2 Adagio). Pagano has created something magical here and its reflective nuances are a pleasure to swim within.

The project is concluded with the piece Concerto Per Oboe, Arpa (Mov.3 Vivace). Here is a performance of great style and depth, the lightness of touch creates a light crispy essence to the proceedings, and is quite simply the best way to end the album.

Concerti by Dario Pagano consists of a refreshing collection of truly well performed classical arrangements, ones that should be enjoyed by those who have an ear for really classy musical narratives. The performances contained within are pristine and exude a professional and accomplished presentation; this is one of those albums that will brighten your day and sooth the musical soul.

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