Monday, December 12, 2022

There To Now By Jamie Bonk

There To Now


Jamie Bonk

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This brand new and very easy to listen to album by Jamie Bonk is now before us, this is a collection of beautifully chilled music entitled There To Now and is a pastiche of a multitude of genres; it is hard to even calculate the formula to come up with an overall narrative to, and that in a way is its overall charm.

With uplifting tracks like the opening piece entitled Last Thing First (feat. Wendy Irvine & Bill McBirnie), the vibrancy of the flute and melodic guitar bring a truly pleasant opening piece to the ever eager ear of the listener. Slices of Americana and Folk can be found here, perhaps in tracks like Hopefully Me (feat. Wendy Irvine), on There To Now, there seems certainly to be something for everyone.

Bill McBirnie is back on the piece Inlet, a light Jazzy styled offering, and one track that floats so gracefully by and its easy listening energies are just what any new day starting needs.

It’s good to see a Jamie Bonk album again, the last one I have in my collection is now four years old, but Who Said It Was Easy? This 10 track album seems to fly by with soulful offerings like Pull You Up being one that I can offer as a fine example, with Wendy Irvine’s smooth vocals, combining wonderfully with Bonks ever onward guitar work. While the penultimate creation entitled On The Line (feat. Ron Scott), manifests an almost anthem styled opus, in a similar way to how bands like the Eagles used to capture their most willing audiences attentions.

So Now I Know (feat. Henrik Bridger) ends the album, the melodic structures on this parting gift are truly blissful, as is the bass and a mixture of great contemporary instrumental music; light rock, with a little Jazz thrown most carefully into the mix, heads your musical way, never the less, this is simply the perfect way with which to leave the album, and one of my personal favourites from the it as well.

There To Now by Jamie Bonk is an album that has so much to offer, it is without doubt one of the most multi-faceted releases of the year so far, many musical sojourns and voyages can be taken, and within a multitude of styles and genres to. There To Now by Jamie Bonk is what the world needs right now, its chilled, soothing and light hearted reveries of wonderfully fluent and pleasing music, are tones to create a calming vibe, with which to start your day, and that even on its own cannot be a bad thing, in this oh so crazy, crazy world.


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