Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Heart Rhapsody By Julie Hanney


Heart Rhapsody


Julie Hanney

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Julie Hanney has slowly but surely been making her way up the vast league table of solo pianists around the globe for a little while now, and done so with sublime style and grace too, I may add as well, those two words would also be quite apt to use for her latest EP entitled Synchronicity.

Style and grace are two wonderful attributes to have in your armoury as a pianist, and on my chosen track we can see that is very evident indeed, and called Heart Rhapsody.

The soft gentle palate of tone and timbre are so beautifully manifested here, with such a tender tempo and great consideration of compositional structure to. This meaningful musical repose had me that entranced that I left it on repeat for multiple plays whilst writing this review, and then for a brief moment also as I watched, with love, the winter setting sun. This is simply creative solo piano at its very best and my day has been more fulfilled for having Heart Rhapsody in it.

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